Montague Technology Management offers solutions to any technology or IT system problems. We can install new and effective technology, manage existing technology, or streamline technology that is not functioning optimally. No matter what your technology and IT needs, we can help you.

Our Tech Services

We offer a multitude of services and many smaller services fall within each category. You may not need a whole system overhaul or the whole service package. When you contact us to analyze your technology and IT systems, we look at what is needed and work according to that. Our technicians will not tell you that there is more wrong than there is and they will not charge you for services that you don’t need.

Our main services include:

Analysis and Strategy – We analyze your systems and strategize different solutions to improve them. No system operates exactly the same and each system requires different tweaks and replacements. We also tell you which technology can be removed because it is redundant.

Implementation of New Systems – We implement new technology and IT systems that are catered to your business’s unique needs. No matter what type of business you have, we can tell you what technology and IT systems you will need and we install them. We make sure that you are streamlined from the beginning and will only need minor updates and maintenance over time.

Technology Forecasting – We look at what your new business needs in terms of technology and IT and we come up with a forecast for what you will need. Any new business needs to budget for its technology and IT departments. No business can run without proper communication technology, computer systems, etc. It is our specialty to foresee what you will need. We can create plans for minimal costs and technology as well plans for extensive and major systems.

Outsourcing – We can be hired as your technology management team that will set up, manage, update, regulate, and streamline your systems on a regular basis. If you cannot afford an IT team or can’t do it yourself, we will do it for you.

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